Building a Low Impact Roundhouse

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse

Book Title: Building a Low Impact Roundhouse

Author: Erica Wisner

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Publication Date: 25 Jul 2014

ISBN-13: 9781856231749

In Building A Low Impact Roundhouse Tony Wrench shares his many years of experience, his skills and techniques, his ups and downs, always in a witty and inspiring manner. The book covers the process of visualising and designing a house through to the practical side of lifting the living roof, infilling the walls, laying out rooms and adding renewable, autonomous technology. Building A Low Impact Roundhouse has become a classic text. Tonys home and lifestyle have attracted the interest of the media and he and his partner continue to inspire many individuals and communities to seek out ways of living more sustainably. Now in its fourth edition, with a fascinating 2014 update. Tony also includes sections on the physical design and writes about the lifestyle required for living in a roundhouse. He offers advice on roofs, floors, walls, compost toilets, wood stoves, kitchens, windows and on planning permission. There are additional photographs of life in and around the dwelling and illustrations from the construction plans for one of the UK's most unique of homes.
This true and captivating story covers the realisation of a lifetime s dream as well as being a practical how to manual for anyone who loves the idea of low impact living and wants to self-build an affordable, organic home.